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Michal T Desroches

About Michal T Desroches

Born in 1970, Michel Desroches grew up in an industrial area of Montreal, Canada, surrounded by a landscape of factories and smoke. He recalls his earliest artistic expression as a child, in chalk on the pavement, creating lines that he thought might lead to another dimension… he has carried this exploratory, chaotic element into his current work with captivating effects.


After studying at the School of Visual and Media Arts of the University of Quebec, Michel went on a career in art therapy for ten years years before transitioning into work as a full-time artist. With over thirty years of both group and solo shows, Michel’s work can be found in collections around the world.


“Zones of emotional interpretation, faces, figures and silhouettes of faces are my main subjects. Fragmented or splintered, these appear and disappear in my compositions between motifs, textures, combinations of luminosity, and colour vibrations, to suggest an inexhaustible number of possibilities.


“I see the task as constructing and ordering fragments and elements so that they co-exist in equilibrium within a whole. The result is an art stamped with energy, spontaneity and humanity, through which I express myself and convey my ideas."