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Jason Cordingley

Cairngorms River Dee Print Only

Hand Embellished Giclée on canvas
84 x 52 cm

Limited Edition of 12.

These are printed and hand embellished on demand and may have a small wait time. You will receive an unframed stretched canvas. Framing is available by Jason, please enquire if interested.

Embellishing refers to painting over areas of the image to apply brush strokes and enhance certain colours and tones.  After receiving the limited edition giclée back from the printer, I add my signature and number the edition on the back of the canvas. I then take my brushes and palette knives and rework certain areas of the surface with oil paint in order to increase the textures, colours and tones.  This extra dimension adds originality and uniqueness to each one. In addition, since these extra steps are done by hand no two embellished canvas prints are ever the same.  

We only keep one in stock on the website at a time, if you would like to purchase multiples please email