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Garry Christie

About Garry Christie

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland Garry’s art career began in his early school years winning prizes on STV’s Blue Peter for paintings, and exhibiting annually at the Edinburgh Festival Steps Exhibition, where his Oil paintings regularly sold to people from all over the world. As far back as he remembers, Garry has always drawn and painted, and he is completely self-taught.

On leaving school Garry began his working life as a Junior Artist / Visualizer in Advertising, and then along the way, gained experience with several Graphic Design Agencies. During this period he became interested in Airbrush Illustration as a hobby and began searching for outlets for his new found passion. Garry began commissions for Valentine’s of Dundee and had his first range of cards published at the age of 21.

As commissions took off, Garry set up his own business and worked with companies like Athena, in the UK, Sweden and US. He also produced work for publications such as Viz, and national newspapers / magazines.

Garry’s current work is on Edinburgh / Scotland scenes in the medium of acrylics and oils, and has many more works in the pipeline.