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Ross Fulton

About Ross Fulton

My work is concerned with drawing attention to things easily passed by.  I am drawn to objects or places that have pattern and beauty because of function and necessity.  I endeavour to capture the way that identical objects change in unique ways due to their use and environment.

I work on a modest scale to encourage the viewer to be drawn into scenes they could easily pass by in real life and want my work to evoke a quietness and stillness that many of the images competing for our attention in daily life lack.  Through this I hope to give the viewer space and time to contemplate that can sometimes feel hard to come by in daily life.

Working in the historic artist’s town of Kirkcudbright I find my subject matter overlaps with or is adjacent to that of many of the artists who have lived and worked in Kirkcudbright and see my work as half of a dialogue on how much and how little the town has changed over that time.

I was born and raised in Inverness before undertaking a degree in Drawing and Painting at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen.  I graduated with an honours degree in 2001 before returning to undertake a Masters in Fine art in 2003.