Object Framing

Colinton Arts has been asked to frame an array of interesting objects and memorabilia over the past years and we’ve enjoyed listening to the stories behind them. From tapestries to Baker rifle replicas, dog toys to rugby jerseys and caps, medals to pieces of coral, there is no end to what can be framed. There is a creative solution for everything and we are up for the challenge!

So how do we do it?

The framer assesses the depth, weight and width of your object in order to choose the appropriate deep-rebated frame. The customer may choose to include an aperture if they wish to add a short description or name.  The object could also be float mounted for improved presentation.

A frame being made up for a Baker rifle replica for the Barracks
A frame being made up for a Baker rifle replica for the Barracks

We use box bases to keep the object away from the glass. There are specific moldings with specific spacers. Alternatively we create additional depth with two moldings and bespoke spacers. There are solutions to have the front of the box detachable in order to access the item that is being framed.  

Framed Object - Coral
Framed Object – Coral

Explore your attic and unearth your treasures for framing.

So what are you waiting for….put us to the challenge and see what we can do with your:

  • baby keepsakes or wedding bouquets
  • family member’s war medals or your own first marathon medal
  • uniform or regalia