Wall Art Groupings

Grouping your art work is a popular trend and assists in creating a stylish look for your home. There are no rules for wall groupings, it is common sense really, and so your wall groupings can be mixed in many ways. In some cases, there is a commonality such as all photos, all water colours, all mirrors. The grouping could consist of artwork that is a similar artist or you can have various styles with just one common colour linking them together. 

To help with your arrangement, here are three ideas that you could try:


This is a well-suited option for you if you want to hang various styles together.  It still takes careful planning. Furniture, balancing shapes, sizes and colours within the room require thought. It is an easy option whenever you need to add new artworks to your arrangements. Distressed frames of all shapes and sizes work well when using this option when hanging family photographs.

Random Display


This option entails having all your frames hung in perfect rows and all with the same outer dimension. You may consider spaces in between or right next to each other. When displaying matched sets, this is a popular option to consider. Have you ever thought about taking a print and cutting it into sections to frame as a grouping?

Grid Display


Rooms with high ceilings and space to fill call for this option when grouping art work. But be careful not to place “heavy pieces” too high or pieces which lack colour and detail out of viewing or eye-level range.